Take SPEAK to your city.
Grow inclusive communities with SPEAK.
Help connect newcomers with locals in your city, breaking barriers, promoting multilingualism, equality and democratizing language learning.
SPEAK is a global network of individuals that participate in a program that connects migrants & refugees with locals through a language and culture exchange that combines language groups with cultural events - key to help new newcomers feel integrated in their new city.
After the positive results in Portugal we are now ready to grow internationally.
The timing couldn’t be more relevant given the current migrations momentum, which requires integrated and community-based solutions. 
Now you have the opportunity to create your SPEAK!
 If you are passionate about impact, diversity, languages, you are people-oriented and you feel confident that you can build and engage a thriving community of SPEAKers, we will help you make it happen!
“SPEAK is much more than just learning a language. The excuse of learning, an end in itself, is also a way to learn the plural and intercultural experiences, fundamental values in challenging times in Europe and in the world.”
Pedro Calado,
High Commissioner for Migration, Portugal
If you...
... care deeply about
+ promoting an understanding and acceptance of diversity;

+ democratizing language learning;

+ bringing people together. 
 ... are willing to build a sustainable impact project
You are aligned with a double bottom-line approach that locks a venture’s financial success hand-in-hand with social impact. 
...want to be part of something big!
You are ready to collaborate with SPEAK’s network to maximize the impact and economic sustainability of the project, individually, and across the world. 
Join our global community!
First things first.
Your city - let's increase probability of success
The city in which you want to start a SPEAK:
+ Diversity is a reality;
+ There are migration flows (migrants, expats, refugees and/or foreign students);
+ High population density and is a mid-to-large market size including mid-to-high GDP per capita;
+ Indicates potential for revenue generation and overall business sustainability.
Are you ready for this?

It is hard work. Entrepreneurs sometimes ask themselves why they do what they do. The process of setting up  SPEAK is intensive, and you need to be willing to commit between 2-5 years. It will be fun and meaningful but best parts of life come always with a little bit of struggle, right?
We can't do it without a partner
Partners are key for the success of SPEAK:
 - They offer rooms for events and language groups;
 - They communicate SPEAK to our audience.
 (Examples: libraries, city halls, pubs, corporations, charities, universities, schools and many more.)
 Is there partner interest in your city?
2 are better than one and 3 are better than 2
You should have a team. You will need help and you will increase probability of success if your founding team has at least 2 persons, even if the second person is not fulltime. 
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