Get and provide support to refugees from Ukraine. Learn more.
Exchange languages and connect with the world.
Join free language and cultural exchange groups.
Guten Tag!
Guten Tag!
It's more than just language exchange.
At SPEAK, you can learn a language, share a language, or do both!
Learn a language as a participant
Stefania moved to Lisbon. She wanted to meet people in the city and learn Portuguese, so she became a participant in a Portuguese language group.
Share your language as a buddy
Leo wanted to help others learn English and connect with people outside of his social circle, so he became a buddy of an English group.
Do both
Kira wanted to learn Spanish but also loves the idea of sharing her native language. She became a participant in a Spanish group and led a French group as a buddy.
Make connections anytime, anywhere.
Connect with your group at that cool cafe, city park, or at your favourite location. Meet locals or newcomers in-person in any of our 20+ SPEAK cities.
Not in a SPEAK city? No problem. Connect with your online group from wherever you are. Learn or share a language with anyone, anywhere.
20+ cities with an in-person SPEAK experience.
Create an inclusive world through language and culture.
Laugh in every language.
Language groups at SPEAK are never boring. With sessions full of games and groups activities, time will fly by.
Create social impact.
Share your language as a buddy to support the social integration of migrants and refugees in your city and around the world.
Make new friends.
Learn from each other, explore common interests and build meaningful relationships with your language group.
Be part of a global community.
SPEAKers sharing their culture.
Countries represented.
Languages shared.
Cities where you can experience SPEAK.
What SPEAKers are saying.
I got so much out of my SPEAK experience. I was on a small group and each session felt so personal, the other participants felt more like family by the end of our sessions. SPEAK sessions are definitely the most relaxed, helpful way to improve my language proficiency.
SPEAK for me it's like travelling without leaving Portugal. I share my culture and I learn from other people's culture. That helps me understand how other people live and how they think too.
My experience at SPEAK keeps growing since the beginning. I started helping others learn Arabic with my husband, and I also learned Portuguese along the way. Over this 6 years, I have met many of people and learned a lot about new cultures. And that's SPEAK's spirit: to bring the world closer to you.
Promoting a better and diverse world.
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