Get and provide support to refugees from Ukraine. Learn more.
Feel at home in any city.
SPEAK contributes to inclusive cities where everyone feels at home and where diversity is championed.
Breaking the isolation barrier in 12 sessions.
Moving to a new city can be hard and it can lead to newcomers feeling isolated. After 12 sessions, participants break the main barriers behind social isolation.
People from all over the world are learning together and making new friends with SPEAK.
SPEAKers sharing their culture.
Countries represented.
Languages shared.
Cities where you can experience SPEAK.
What we believe in.
We believe in societies that integrate, value and promote cultural diversity. We believe the challenges of our time don’t respect boundaries and that solving them requires the engagement of all humanity in its full diversity.
Our values.
  • Inspiration & Fun - we want to inspire people and want people to inspire us. We are a lot of fun, we love events, we enjoy games and having a lot of people around us!
  • Excel - we aim to be the best we can be.
  • Leadership - we are innovative and want to keep leading the way on how to solve the social integration challenge.
  • Purpose - we work for people. We believe in diversity, in the best of people and in the ability to change the world!
  • Accountability - we never forget our individual roles combined with SPEAK’s goals.
Our causes.
  • Equality.
  • Freedom of speech and thought. 
  • Equal rights for migrants.
  • Gender equality.
  • Equal rights for the LGBT+ community. 
  • We position ourselves on the side of liberty. If something helps someone to be freer, we are all for it (except prison breaking).
 The social investors supporting SPEAK.
We are proud of the social investors that support the SPEAK community.
Our community has been recognized by leading social innovation organizations.
Promoting a better and diverse world.
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