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Timeline | Creation

SPEAK was created in Associação Fazer Avançar, a non-profit org.

With the help from Social Lab of Fundação EDP, SPEAK grew into a social business: its mission is to connect migrants, refugees and locals.

SPEAK validated its metodology to help integrate migrants in the cities they move to.

Launched an online product transforming SPEAK on an Online2Offline model and enabling scale.
Social Investors
We thank our investors for contributing financially to make SPEAK a reality.
Established in 1956 as a Portuguese foundation for the whole of humanity, the Foundation’s original purpose focused on fostering knowledge and raising the quality of life of persons throughout the fields of the arts, charity, science and education.
EDP Foundation is a private non-profit institution created by EDP in 2004. Social Innovation, support to the Arts and the fusion between Energy, Science and Education are the strategic values that guide its activity. It is one of the private institutions that invests the most in the 3rd sector in Portugal.
Fundo Bem Comum was set up to promote projects with a social impact on society, developed by organizations and non-profit entities, and to support financially and with technical advice projects with growth potential in order to ensure the sustainable job creation.
The city of Leiria is since day one a key partner and social investor of SPEAK. Implementing and disseminating SPEAK best practices in the city of Leiria.
EDP Foundation is a private non-profit institution created by EDP in 2004. Social Innovation, support to the Arts and the fusion between Energy, Science and Education are the strategic values that guide its activity. It is one of the private institutions that invests the most in the 3rd sector in Portugal.
The Luso-American Development Foundation aims to contribute to the economic and social development of Portugal, through the promotion of scientific, technical, cultural, educational, commercial and business.
Technologic partner and a social investor. As a partner HES helps us with our accounting and managing our online properties including: servers, emails and online apps.
Stoik Capital designs investment strategies and partners with asset managers to implement systematic rules-based portfolios. WeShareAShare is the impact project by Stoik, that links Finance and Causes together, by offering the investor a new, zero cost way of supporting a particular cause.
SPEAK counts on the pro bono support of several partners in their corresponding areas of expertise. 
The High Commissioner for Migration - ACM seeks to look at the world in a creative way in order to respond to the growing needs of the different profiles of migrants and their integration.
Association of social intervention created in November 2008.
It focuses on the development of youth skills, so they can become agents that trigger change.
Atmosfera M - a place to think and take action. A partner which provides excellent rooms and helps to promote SPEAK.
It guarantees the implementation of public policies in the field of citizenship and promotion and defense of equality. Currently is working with SPEAK to help integrate refugees in Portugal.
Intercultura-AFS Portugal is a non-profit Youth Volunteer Association. It works in the area of non-formal education for Intercultural Learning and Global Education, promoting national and international exchanges involving young people, families and the community in general.
IPDJ aims to stimulate the support to associativism, volunteerism and promotion of citizenship, occupation of leisure activities, non-formal education, information and geographical mobility of young people in Portugal and abroad.
Laboratório de Investimento Social is a project of Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and the IES - Social Business School, in partnership with Social Finance UK.
It aims to be a center of knowledge in the area of social investment disseminating the best international practices in Portugal.
Tecnhologic partner. MediaWeb helped us on the development of our front-end in the OutSystems Platform, and also with mobile friendly improvements on the website and participants portal.
The Migration Hub Network creates a platform for social entrepreneurs and organisations to co-design solutions around mass migration. Their network generates physical impact within communities and connects organisations across Europe. 
Tecnhologic partner, we use the OutSystems Agile Platform to develop our web properties. 
SPEAK incubator since september 2014. Startup Lisboa supports the creation of projects with great potencial of growth.
Legal partner, which helps us pro bono to define a structure and framework so that SPEAK can operate according to the Law.
Local Partners
+Spazio Quattro aims to foster and strenghten the sense of belonging to the territory, rebuilding social relationships in connection with public areas of the neighborhood and promoting integration through cultural initiatives.
It strives for the exercise of citizenship of people in social exclusion or victims of inequalities, through a global and integrated community intervention.
Almaterra is an intercultural center that provides support to migrant women through linguistic mediation services, legal advice, laboratories and assistance in job placement.
ASAI organises educational and cultural initiatives aimed at children, young people and adults. It devotes particular attention to teenagers and second generations proposing aggregative and formative activities based on cooperative methodologies.
The purpose of ASSACM is the promotion of Equality, Training, Development, Sport, Culture and Recreation, in order to respond to the needs of the population. Our intervention is aimed at promoting the quality of life of the community and the Local Development.
The Association of Refugees in Portugal is a non-profit organization which promotes the integration of the refugee population in Portugal.
ARP promotes the access and dissemination of information and the civic consciousness of its members.
Associação Mais Cidadania (AMC) is a non-profit European NGO born in 2003. Our headquarters is in Bairro Alto in Lisbon, where you can visit us whenever you want to meet us, get information, bring proposals and share ideas.
Associação Renovar a Mouraria aims at improving the conditions of life of the population and strengthening the interaction between the different communities, developing the interaction and synergy between cultures.
Bagni Pubblici offers services, courses and workshops to a large number of associative and informal groups, creating socializing and leisure moments and opportunities to be actively involved in the neighorhood life. 
Barrito is as a multifunctional center, hosting theater events, concerts, a live radio show and family-related activities. During the summer period, Barrito organizes an after-school service for children and adolescents. 
It organizes events to connect people, share knowledge and foster new business ideas. Local partner which helps to communicate SPEAK.
Casa ACMOS is an association that promotes and supports democratic inclusion, through projects and educational programs building the culture of active citizenship, with a specific focus on young people.
Local partner which provides us excellent rooms!
Casa del Quartiere has been created in 2007 as part of the cooperative Bagni Pubblici. It organises courses and events accessible to everyone with the aim of fostering social inclusion and integration in a multicultural context.
Casa nel Parco  is a place open to everyone, respectful of the differences and committed to create coexistence between different needs and identities, creating new opportunities for te neighborhood. It hosts many associations and proposes various projects to actively involve the population
Cascina Roccafranca offers opportunities to spend leisure time and to actively participate in the neighborhood's social life, creating new relationships, rediscovering the pleasure of sharing with others ideas and projects and to be an active part of the community.
The Hub Cecchi Point offers a range of services, activities, workshops and artistic, intercultural and educational events, addressed to all the neighborhood and the local population.
The Community Center of Carcavelos Parish is an IPSS, where every year there are about 3000 people,. It interacts with the society, covering children, families and the elderly with different answers in the areas of social support and employment, senior space and support to childhood.
The São Círilo Center is an insertion community created by the Jesuits in Porto, that welcomes and (re) enables foreign and national people and their families to overcome a temporary phase of social fragility. Local partner which provides classrooms and promotes SPEAK.
Centro Social e Paroquial S. Tomás de Aquino was born 26 years ago and supports the community in Laranjeiras, in Lisbon. Currently it has a team of 17 employees and some volunteers and it supports 132 users daily.
Banca del Tempo is a system in which people exchange assets, services and knowledge. It's a free association where people exchange time to help and support the others in small, daily needs. 
Città dei Mesteri is a space of information and support on professional life where every citizen can ask for guidance . Access to all areas is free .
A modern municipality, accessible, inclusive, young, creative and competitive where knowledge, environmental and social responsibility and value creation prevail. Local partner which provides excellent rooms and promotes SPEAK.
Implements and disseminates SPEAK best practices in the city of Cascais.
The Municipality’s activity is aimed at fostering active social inclusion policies, stimulating articulation with the general public and social partners, and mobilizing volunteers.
The Municipality’s activity is aimed at fostering active social inclusion policies, stimulating articulation with the general public and social partners.
Local partner which provides us excellent rooms and helps to promote SPEAK.
Local partner which helps us to communicate SPEAK.
Local partner which provides us excellent rooms and promotes SPEAK.
GoVolunteer | help where you are needed – the community for getting involved

GoVolunteer is a volunteering community operating across Germany which enables people to meet and interact through social engagement.
IES-Social Business School is a school focused on the mission of “Inspiring and Empowering for a better world, through Social Entrepreneurship".
Impact HUB Lisbon makes up a global network of people, places, and programs that inspire, connect and catalyze impact. It offers its members a unique ecosystem of resources, inspiration, and collaboration opportunities to grow.
IPL is the entity responsible for higher education in Leiria and they help us communicating SPEAK to the student community in Leiria and, especially, the Erasmus students.
Io c'entro is a pedagogical center, specialized in teaching methodologies with the aim of supporting students of the primary and secondary school.
ISPGAYA pays special attention to the personal and community dimension of the individual, training his students for responsible freedom, openness to the future, flexibility in change, solidarity with the world in which they are inserted, participative responsibility and respect for ideas.
Local partner which provides classrooms and promotes SPEAK.
Local partner which provides classrooms and promotes SPEAK.
The MUSTACHE COFFEE HOUSE is a cosmopolitan space in the center of Porto, where you can breathe and feel the coffee in its fullness in a soothing atmosphere of a coffee shop.
Local partner which provides classrooms and promotes SPEAK.
Officine Cos is a cozy place to actively partcipate  in the neighborhood activities and an innovative cultural center open to groups, associations and citizens. It also offers a special space for design and for cultural events.
Multicultural meeting space for the integration of refugees from the Middle East with a community kitchen and cultural workshops.
It promotes the development of personal, social, school and professional skills of children and young people living in Casal da Mira, in order to facilitate their social inclusion.
Redes na Quint@-E6G is a project aimed especially at children and young people from 6 to 30 years old with problems of school failure / absenteeism, deviant behavior and social exclusion.
Local partner which provides classrooms and promotes SPEAK.
Rota Jovem is a non-profit association based in Cascais and since 1992 promotes activities for young people.
Here young people can develop their projects and participate in various national and international activities.
SEIVA – Associação ao Serviço da Vida – is a nonprofit association with IPSS status. Among other projects, they have Projeto PEI – Promoção do Empreendedorismo Imigrante, which aims at promoting the criation of businesses by immigrants. 
Local partner which provides classrooms and promotes SPEAK.
Local partner which provides classrooms and promotes SPEAK. talents and arts with creativity and entrepreneurship- is an innovative response to the problem of deviant behavior carried out by young people living in the territories of Torre and Galiza.
Unicorn.Berlin Mitte is café and coworking space in one. They aspire to design eco and health conscious food without sacrificing flavor or presentation. By working with local and seasonal ingredients, they ensure customers receive the finest one-of-a-kind items.
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