Say hello to a new way of learning (and social distance).
Have fun learning everyday conversation skills with people from all over the world.
4-7 participants per language group.
90-minute daily sessions during 2 weeks.
Levels based on your knowledge.
Free. Pay what you want.
A better way to learn languages.
Learn with peers.
Language groups are led by buddies from all over the world. They are like you and fluent in the language you want to learn.
Goodbye social isolation.
Learning groups focus on everyday conversations and supporting each other. Meet your new friends.
Take it to the next level.
Whether you’re learning a language for the first time or you want to improve one you already know, we have the right level for you.
What you will learn:
Different needs, different levels
We take into account the previous knowledge participants have of the language they want to learn or practice.
Choose this level if you’re learning a language for the first time. We’ll cover the basics and we'll use different languages to help you get started.
Choose this level if you already know the basics of a language and want to improve it. We’ll communicate using only the language you are learning so that you practice as much as possible.
Your questions answered.
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