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Say hello to a new way of learning.
Have fun learning languages and making new friends through community-led groups.
4-10 participants per language group.
12 90-minute sessions.
Levels based on your knowledge.
Language groups are free.
By the community, for the community.
Online or in-person groups.
Meet up with your language group at your favourite spots in the city or online from wherever you are. Build bonds and make new friends over the 12 sessions you will spend together.
Groups are led by buddies.
Buddies are SPEAKers just like you! They are native or fluent in the languages they share. Every buddy brings something new to the table, making each group a unique experience.
Informal methodology.
People learn better when they’re having fun. SPEAK groups foster a safe learning environment where people learn from each other, explore common interests, and build meaningful connections.
An interactive, immersive experience.
Keep track of your progress.
Check your session details, learning materials, location, and keep track of your current language groups.
Connect in the chat.
Interact with your fellow participants and buddy in the group chat. Talk about anything -- literally.
Complete fun challenges.
Keep learning between sessions. Take part in fun challenges after each session and apply the knowledge you just picked up.
Different needs, different levels
Learn a new language from scratch or improve a language you already know.
Whatever your language level is, we have the right option for you.
Basic groups
  • Buddies will use a support language you know to help you learn.
  • Get to know the basics of the vocabulary, day-to-day expressions and a bit of grammar.
  • Learn through a mix of practical materials with fun games and dynamics.
Conversational groups
  • Buddies communicate only in the language you are learning.
  • Put into practice what you already know, while expanding your vocabulary and knowledge.
  • Discuss a wide variety of topics by giving your opinions and debating.
Complete your language journey.
Go from barely knowing a language to sounding just like a local.
Basic I
Basic II
Basic III
What SPEAKers are saying.
I got so much out of my SPEAK experience. I was on a small group and each session felt so personal, the other participants felt more like family by the end of our sessions. SPEAK sessions are definitely the most relaxed, helpful way to improve my language proficiency.
SPEAK for me it's like travelling without leaving Portugal. I share my culture and I learn from other people's culture. That helps me understand how other people live and how they think too.
My experience at SPEAK keeps growing since the beginning. I started helping others learn Arabic with my husband, and I also learned Portuguese along the way. Over this 6 years, I have met many of people and learned a lot about new cultures. And that's SPEAK's spirit: to bring the world closer to you.
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