Become a SPEAK founder.
Apply to start a SPEAK chapter and make your city a place where everyone feels at home and where diversity is championed.
Get started.
We are so excited about your interest in joining this movement of inclusive cities! We’ve designed an application process with you in mind: by following 6 steps, you’ll learn more about what it means to be a SPEAK founder and feel out if the commitment and opportunity are right for you. To get started, complete the first 3 steps below. After that, we will get in touch with you to book the first interview.
The application process.
Step 01
Commitment check.
Managing a SPEAK chapter takes at least 20 hours per week. While you can do it alone, this work is challenging and that’s why building a team is important, so we highly recommend that you put together a team of 2-4 people.
Step 02
Organize a language exchange.
This step consists in organizing a language exchange, one of our most impactful events. Organizing a language exchange helps future SPEAK founders get a feeling for the time and energy involved with building a strong local community. It's also a chance for you to see if there's excitement around the process and the development of a SPEAK chapter. 
Step 03
Application form.
Once you complete the first 2 steps, fill out the SPEAK founder application form with your team. This form will allow us to get to know you and your team better before your interview as well as your experience organizing your first language exchange.

Step 04
First interview.
We are eager to meet you, so we’ll have a video interview where we will learn about you and your team and your experience hosting your first language exchange. We will also answer any questions you might have. After you complete the first 3 steps, we will get in touch with you to schedule this interview.
Step 05
SPEAK chapter roadmap.
After our first conversation, you and your team will develop the roadmap for your SPEAK chapter. This is going to help your team reflect on how to reach your goals and will become your roadmap as you grow your SPEAK chapter.
Step 06
Second interview.
During this final interview, we will talk about your expectations on becoming a SPEAK founder and go over the roadmap for your SPEAK chapter. We will also answer any questions you may have. After this final step, we will let you know the results of your application.
Got questions?
Don't worry, we’re here for you! If you need help or have additional questions you can reach us at
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