With your help, a more inclusive world will be a reality.

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It is our dream to live in a world where every person feels at home in the city they live. A world that values diversity and understands that we have much more in common than what sets us apart.

Different religions, cultures and origins must be the spice of modern societies and we want to spice things up in every city! We are doing it by promoting spaces where locals and newcomers meet to share their culture and develop meaningful bonds by proving the platform and support for individuals to facilitate informal language learning environments and host community events.

We have found brave people who share this dream and who want to make this a reality in their corner of the world.

Each city needs their groupies and supporters to cheer for their success. Help start SPEAK in a new city and be part of the founding club! Join this crowdfunding and SHARE YOUR WORLD!
Cities that need your help
Past crowdfundings
SPEAK in Braga
€11739 raised!
SPEAK founder: Khuloud
Khuloud is an amazing Syrian entrepreneur who finished her Masters in Engineering in Portugal. She’s passionate about SPEAK and she is the founder of a new SPEAK City. 

SPEAK in Brussels
€4255 raised!
SPEAK founder: Chloé and Nicolas
Chloé studied Communications in Leuven (Belgium) and Global Studies in Göteborg (Sweden). Interested in globalisation and the ways that it is affecting our world - uniting people in some ways, dividing them in others - together with a passion for travelling, learning languages and meeting new people, make launching SPEAK in Brussels an exciting next step to take. 

Nicolas studied Interior Design in Brussels but has worked since mainly in the field of real estate. As an asset manager he has been responsible to develop projects and increase the financial and human value of existing projects. He decided to follow his main interest and focus for the future more on the human capital and diversity. Having lived in and experienced a variety of countries and local cultures in Europe, and with a passion for travelling and getting to know people with a very diverse background, he is now eager to help integrate them.

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