Get and provide support to refugees from Ukraine. Learn more.
Our purpose
At SPEAK, we promote the creation of inclusive communities where locals and migrants meet to share their culture, solving the problem of social exclusion through the exchange of languages and cultural events organized by SPEAK community.
SPEAK Lithuania has impacted more than 1,000 people from 80 nationalities by promoting the Lithuanian language and culture. Our mission is to create inclusive cities in Lithuania where everyone feels welcome. 

We want to spread SPEAK community spirit, and we need you to join us on our journey and support our mission by making a donation to our campaign and spreading the word around.

We are now raising funds to scale our impact and reach more people who can benefit from our SPEAK community the most. 

In Lithuania the number of immigrants has been rising, peaking at 43,000 in 2021.

Over 50,000 refugees from Ukraine entered Lithuania due to the current conflict. SPEAK Lithuania is playing a part in helping them settle and get integrated into their local communities.

By raising €20.000 from this campaign, we will be able to reach 400 migrants and refugees in Lithuania, providing them with free language and cultural activities to help with their social integration process.
Support us with our mission:
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Meet the founder
My name is Narmin. I was born in Baku, Azerbaijan, and I have been living in Kaunas for the past 9 years. I have a Masters of Science in Informatics. I believe technology has more power to unite us. I’ve always been passionate about bringing people together through educational and cultural activities. The moment I discovered social-tech solution - SPEAK, I dreamed of having a similar community in the city I live in. As a migrant who moved to Lithuania without knowing anyone in the country, the social and language barrier made my adaptation period quite longer than imagined. 

Today, I am proud to manage the diverse community of thousands of SPEAKers in Kaunas and Vilnius, while establishing impactful partnerships with more than 15 local organizations. 
“April 2020, in the middle of the lockdown in my hometown in Ukraine. The pandemic ruined my travel and traineeship plans.

At that point, I somehow came across SPEAK and a new phase of my life began. Since then my evenings have never been the same. SPEAK had been a great help in raising my spirits.

Thanks to SPEAK, I’ve got the opportunity to share what I can, to care about others in this way within the community. Plus add all those perks to my endless love for languages. An awesome mix!”

Anna from Ukraine,
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