Privacy policy
Updated: Sunday, June 2, 2018 - 16:20 GMT
1 - Treatment of data.
2 - Right of access.
3 - Data communication.
4 - Security measures.
5 - Changes to privacy policy.
The SHARE YOUR WORLD, LDA (onwards referred to as “SYW”) guarantees to the visitors of this website, concerning  the SPEAK (“Users”), the respect for their data’s privacy.

On its own, the visit to this website does not imply an automatic registration of any form of personal data that identifies the User.

However, the use of certain content or services, specifically the application process, may require the user’s personal data.

The present PRIVACY POLICY is part of the Terms of Use of the website and regulates the possible collection and treatment of personal data submitted by the Users in any part of the website as well as the definition of their rights regarding this data, in accordance with the terms defined by the Portuguese Law of Personal Data Protection.
1 - Treatment of data.
SYW is the responsible entity for the treatment of the personal data of the Users.

The purpose of the treatment of personal data consists in the management of the language learning programs and related activities organized by SYW in the context of SPEAK project.

From time to time, SYW may use the submitted data to supply information that it deems relevant, being always possible for the User to cancel this kind of information.
2 - Right of access.
In accordance with the terms defined by law, the User is granted the right of accessing, updating or modifying his personal data as well as the right to oppose it’s treatment or availability in the website by submitting a written request to SYW’s office: SPEAK – SHARE YOUR WORLD, Casa de Impacto, Travessa São Pedro nº 8, 1200-432 Lisboa.
3 - Data communication.
As a general rule, SYW does not share the User’s personal data with third parties. Whenever this sharing may occur, the User will be informed of the identity of the recipient and the final purpose the data will be used for so that the User may decide if he allows it or not.

SYW may transmit your data to third parties as long as it has received the unequivocal approval of the Users as referred in the prior statement or when:
a) the transmission is done in accordance with a mandatory legal procedure, with a ruling by the Comissão Nacional de Proteção de Dados or with a judicial order;
b) the communication is carried out to protect the vital interest of the Users or any other legitimate purpose defined by Law. 
4 - Security measures.
SYW will do everything in its power to protect the personal data of the Users against non-authorized access through the Internet. To that end, it uses security systems, rules and other procedures to guarantee the protection of personal data as well as preventing unauthorized access to the data and its improper use, disclosure, loss or destruction.

Although, it is your responsibility to ensure that the computer that you are using is properly protected against malware, computer viruses and worms.

Nonetheless, note that whenever the submission of data is done in open networks as the Internet, your data may circulate freely without proper security conditions, with the risk of being viewed and used by non-authorized third parties.
5 - Changes to the privacy policy.
SYW reserves the right to, at any given time and without prior notice and with immediate effects, alter, add or amend the present Privacy Policy.

Any changes will be immediately disclosed in this online page.

If you have any doubts or questions regarding the way SYW treats your personal data, please send us your request for clarification to the email or to the address SPEAK – SHARE YOUR WORLD, Labs Lisboa – Incubadora de Inovação, Rua Adriano Correia de Oliveira, 4 A, 1600 – 312 Lisboa.
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