Is Universal Basic Income the future?
What if everyone had the right to an income that assured a decent life?
What if any person had an income with which they could at least pay their minimum needs to live? Would it be fair? How can you implement such a plan?

An experienced team in the subject is coming to Casa do Impacto to introduce the concept of Unconditional Basic Income.
The purpose is to clarify the idea behind it and to understand its impact in society. Following the presentation, we'll have a conversation in an informal environment accompanied by drinks and a very good time.

Come to find out more about Universal Basic Income and clear your ideas about this controversial topic that can be a reality in the future!
Location: Casa do Impacto ( - The entrance to the building is at the intersection between Travessa de São Pedro and Rua da Rosa. -- Closest metro stations: Rato / Baixa-Chiado / Restauradores
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3 going
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Lisboa | Casa do Impacto - Travessa de São Pedro, nº8
16 May | 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM
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