Language Exchange
Looking for an opportunity to meet new people, improve or put into practice your language skills? Come to our Language Exchange!

So… How is it going to work?

On arrival, you will be tagged with all the languages you can speak on and, also, those you want to learn. Sequently, you will be assigned a table, opposite to another speaker who has two common languages with you. You will speak one language of your choice for 5 minutes and then change to a different one. After the 10 minutes, one of you will move to the next table and start over.

It's the perfect opportunity for you to improve your language skills in an easy-going manner. and also for networking and getting to know new people who share this language-sharing passion with you.

We start signing people in at 19:00 pm and we will finish at 21:00.

Please confirm your presence here in the portal.
Don't miss the opportunity and join us!
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Braga | Setra Bara  R. de São João nº15, 4700-325 Braga
20 Apr | 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
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