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Hey SPEAKers!

Join us on Thursday March 28 for our monthly SPEAK Brussels language and culture exchange!

We'll be meeting at Cafe Merlo, on the Vismarkt, Quai aux Briques 80, 1000 Brussels. We'll be sitting upstairs!

Definitely bring your friends and anyone you know that would also love to meet new people and practice new languages!

We'll be exchanging languages so be ready to help others who then will be helping you with learning their native tongue.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

We’ll start signing people in at 6:30 pm, so we can all be ready to start the fun by 7:00 pm.


Set up like 'speed dating', you will be seated in front of a strong speaker of the language you are learning. You will speak in one language for 10 minutes, then the other language for 10 more minutes, moving on to talk with the next person. It is a great way to improve your language in an organized and easy-going manner. It is also great for networking and meeting new people.


1 - Is it speed dating?
No. We use the speed dating system for the language exchanges, meaning that in each group there are native speakers and speakers of different languages.

2 - Is it FREE?

3 - My level is not good, can I still participate?
Absolutely! The other people are usually in the same situation as you. People come to help each other! So whether you are an absolute beginner or fluent in the language you are learning, you can participate.

4 - What do I need to talk about?
Whatever you want! It is a very easy-going informal environment.

If you have questions, feel free to reach out!
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Brussels | Cafe Merlo, Baksteenkaai 80 - 1000 Brussels
28 Mar | 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM
Limited to 50 participants.
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