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Acknowledge Other Cultures!
By being a Buddy at SPEAK, you will share your language and culture, and will contribute directly to changing your city and its people. In the courses at SPEAK you get to hang out with people from different origins, united by the common wish of gather a bigger cultural sensibility and meeting new people.
 It Sure Feels Great!
Believe us, it feels great to make a difference and change somebody’s world. In this experience, you will also learn: with your participants, with other Buddies, with the SPEAK team. There is nothing like sharing your livings and get to know about the experiences and culture of the people that surround you.
Be Part of Something Big!
Whether you’re from the town where you’ll be teaching or you’ve just arrived here, at SPEAK you will be part of a team that gives its best to solve the problem of sociocultural exclusion and you will teach and learn about cultural diversity, the world and its people. You also get to sign up for free in SPEAK courses to learn about other cultures and languages they are interested in.
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You need to first login to be able to sign up for a SPEAK course. If you don't have an account yet please create one here.
How it works
You signup to learn or practice a language
[optional]Apply to be a buddy to help others to learn your language
You are allocated as a Buddy or as a participant depending on your application preferences
4-18 participants
12 weeks
1 session per week
90 minutes per session
FREE access to SPEAK events
€24.99* / 18 hours
* No one is left out due to financial limitations. If you can't afford €24.99 you can apply for a scholarship.
Feel this magic...
The sessions are taken on an informal environment, where learning the basics of the language is as important as gaining insight into the richness of the culture. Because the experience & culture exchange is a key part of the experience we try to create groups as diverse as possible.
There are two different levels of SPEAK courses: "Basic" and "Conversational". In the course Conversational the SPEAK Buddy only speaks in the languange he/she is teaching while in the course Basic the SPEAK Buddy might use other languages to help participants learning the basics.
Even the least experienced person can teach: you can count with the support from the SPEAK team, but your personal touch and personality make the difference, feel free to add what you think will make the course more fun and dynamic.
Am I a good fit for SPEAK?
Migrants / Foreigners
(who want to learn the language of the new country)
You'll learn portuguese language with native SPEAK Buddies
You'll increase the sense of belonging to your city
You'll stablish friendship by knowing people that values your culture
World citizens
(interested in learning languages and meet new people and cultures)
Opportunity to learn or practice languages in an effective and innovative way
A positive attitude towards multilingualism is important for a better world
Informal environment, where you will make friends easily
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