Terms of agreement.
Updated: Sunday, June 2, 2018 - 16:20 GMT
1 - Declaration of acceptcance and adherence.
2 - Authorization to the processing of personal data.
3 - Organization of activities of project SPEAK
1 - Declaration of acceptcance and adherence.
a.     I declare that the information provided by me in this term of agreement is accurate, complete and true, and undertake to inform SHARE YOUR WORLD, LDA (SYW) in the event of any changes;
b.     I accept  the general terms and conditions of SPEAK defined in the attached document. 
c.     I authorize the use and reproduction of photos taken of me during SPEAK activities for the purposes of promotional materials
2 - Authorization to the processing of personal data.
a.     I authorize the processing of my personal data identified above, by SYW under the law (in particular, the Law n. º 67/98 of October, 26th - Law of Protection of Personal Data), as a part of the project SPEAK, bearing in mind the management purposes of language teaching programs and related activities (detailed in the attached general and specific terms and conditions). Under the law, as the holder of personal data in question, I was informed that I had been guaranteed the right of access, rectification and elimination of my personal data in the framework of this database. I should contact info@speak.social to access, rectify or delete my personal data.
General Terms and Conditions of SPEAK
3 - Organization of activities of project SPEAK
a.     SYW is responsible for the management of enrollment, the creation of language groups, the identification and recruitment of buddies and for the support in creation of SPEAK teaching materials;
b.     The provision of information about the space in which language groups will be held as well as the management of sessions, schedules and pricing for each year shall be set by SYW and communicated to participants upon enrollment or within 3 working days before the beginning of the language group.
c.     SYW is responsible for defining the schedule of SPEAK courses and may change it during the semester, in which case participants will be informed by email and / or by their teacher.
d.     In order to estimate the social impact of the project, an impact assessment will be performed by SYW periodically to optimize its functioning and thus promote the resolution of the identified social problem.
e.     At the end of the language group, participants will have access to their SPEAK CV. This document will be a record of the participant’s time spent at SPEAK which outlines the language groups they attended and/or led. This document will not have official recognition in terms of certification of language or teaching skills, and they can be downloaded from your profile page.
Specific Terms and Conditions of SPEAK
a.     The language groups last 18 hours divided into 12 sessions over 3 months. They may be changed by SYW, having only an obligation to inform participants via e-mail.
b.     Participation in courses has a cost of 25 or 29.
c.     Participants can ask for their money back until 48 hours before the start of the course.
d.     If the language group has less than 4 participants it may be cancelled, and in this case the participant will be informed by email to which they should respond with their IBAN details. In the case that the participant does not respond within 7 days after the start date of the language group, the payment is considered a donation and will be used to allow another participant with financial difficulties to participate in the project.
e.     Participants must respect the buddies, the team and the community in general. If the participant does not share the SPEAK values and/or is disrespectful in any way, they will be excluded from the project without receiving a refund for the cost of the course (including, but not limited to, a lack to respect towards buddies and other members of the community, contacting participants without their consent, or misuse of the platform/means of communication).
f.    Participants must respect and carefully use the space and all materials that are located there.
g.     SPEAK buddies are volunteers, selected by SYW due to their competence and motivation.  Since Buddies will be performing on a voluntary basis, SYW can not ensure that the sessions will be held entirely or control the contents/themes given by the Buddies in session.
h.     In the case that participants do not attend two consecutive sessions, the course will be cancelled and the participants will be informed through the discussion group of the course. Our teachers are volunteers who give up their own time and resources for us and so we should respect their efforts.
i.     Events will be organized periodically at a further determined location in which the participant may voluntarily participate.
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