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Acknowledge Other Cultures!
By being a Buddy at SPEAK, you will share your language and culture, and will contribute directly to changing your city and its people. In the courses at SPEAK you get to hang out with people from different origins, united by the common wish of gather a bigger cultural sensibility and meeting new people.
 It Sure Feels Great!
Believe us, it feels great to make a difference and change somebody’s world. In this experience, you will also learn: with your participants, with other Buddies, with the SPEAK team. There is nothing like sharing your livings and get to know about the experiences and culture of the people that surround you.
Be Part of Something Big!
Whether you’re from the town where you’ll be teaching or you’ve just arrived here, at SPEAK you will be part of a team that gives its best to solve the problem of sociocultural exclusion and you will teach and learn about cultural diversity, the world and its people. You also get to sign up for free in SPEAK courses to learn about other cultures and languages they are interested in.
What do I need to teach @ SPEAK?
You can teach any language that you know well. 
To be a SPEAK Buddy at SPEAK, you don’t need any teaching education, only a willingness to learn and share. You can teach any language that you know well, whether it’s your mother tongue, you’ve learned it while living abroad or you’ve learned it in another context, as long as you are fluent.
Time Needed
Around 3 hours per week.
You will teach a 90-minute-long session per week and you will need to set aside some time to plan it and to use the SPEAK portal. Overall, your volunteering time at SPEAK should be close to 3 hours per week.
To give an 18 hour course (12 weeks).
You will be responsible for an 18-hour course (12 weeks), taught in an informal and fun setting. You will be given support so you know what to do, and in general you will have a colleague with whom you will share your teaching duties. At SPEAK, we try that each course is taught by two SPEAK Buddies, although it is not always possible.
Help from SPEAK
We give and teach you all the materials and techniques.
Of course! We will give you materials that you can use in sessions and we will teach you some techniques that will help you create fun, informal and relevant course. You will have access to a portal with relevant information for you and you will have direct contact with somebody from the SPEAK team in your town, that will help you with whatever you need, whenever you need it.
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