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Our Purpose
We want to make Castelo Branco a more inclusive city!
Did you know that in our city, only 2.3% of the migrant community feels completely integrated? And the main difficulty felt is the language?
At SPEAK we promote the creation of inclusive communities where locals and migrants meet to share their culture, solving the problem of social exclusion through the exchange of languages and cultures and cultural events organized by the community.
And you can support us.
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Meet the team
Clara:  “I am 28 years old, I was born in Faro, I grew up in Vouzela and I have lived in Castelo Branco for 10 years. I did Erasmus in the Czech Republic and I belonged to ESN helping Erasmus integration in Portugal. I founded SPEAK Castelo Branco in September 2019 because I believe that we should celebrate multiculturalism.”

Daniela: “I'm from Lisbon and I'm 24 years old. In 2018 I did Erasmus and realized how important it is to feel at home in a new city. I joined SPEAK in August 2020 as a Marketing Manager, and I am currently Co-Founder. Today I am living in Castelo Branco and thanks to SPEAK I already feel at home in this city.”

Joana: “I am an Albicastrense with 22 years old. In 2016 I went to study in Coimbra. My academic career included projects in the field of tourism and in the group of students. In November 2020 I joined SPEAK as a buddy and I am currently a Community Manager on this incredible project. ”

Filipa: "I am Filipa, I am 26 years old and I have a law degree. In 2021 I joined SPEAK as a Community Marketer and moved to Castelo Branco. I have always been involved in volunteering and entrepreneurship projects because I believe that it is through small things that we make a difference in others lives "

Latest SPEAKers
Catarina Elias
Mariana Brilhante
Filipa Cardoso Nunes
João Moreira
Luís Casimiro
Carolina Carreira
Daniela Barreto
Diogo Palma
Mirali Jamnadas
Rita Brito e Faro
Social exclusion is a problem that migrants face, which is caused by language barriers, stereotypes, ignorance or the lack of opportunities for people to meet.
At SPEAK, after 12 sessions, participants break the main barriers behind social isolation.

  • 72% made new friends;
  • 82% improved the knowledge of a language;
  • 82% increased their sense of belonging to their current city.

What we do is important to change mindsets, fight social isolation and celebrate diversity between locals and newcomers.
Since September 2019, in Castelo Branco, we have impacted more than 75 people, helping them to learn Portuguese, English, French or Spanish.
More than supporting through language learning, our community builds relationships of friendship and trust each other - an informal support network. Mutual assistance between members extends to job search, support in updating a curriculum, looking for a home, and so many other examples.
Why we need you?
Did you know that 48.8% of the population living in Castelo Branco has already been discriminated? SPEAK Castelo Branco wants to continue to change this reality.
We want to grow even more and reach our full potential on a local level, to reach more people and create more impactful partnerships.
 Your help is essential to achieve these goals:
1) Create a legal entity that will allow us to compete for financing and create official partnerships with associations and entities.
2) Dedicate even more time to the implementation of this project, organizing more language groups and cultural exchange events between migrants, refugees and locals.
3) Communicate SPEAK Castelo Branco in different communication channels, from digital to traditional ads. With that, we will be able to share our mission with more people and grow this community.
Thanks to your contribution we will be able to turn Castelo Branco into a more inclusive city, valuing all ​​diversity.
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