SPEAK builds societies that accept, value and empower cultural diversity
SPEAK is a linguistic and cultural program built to bring people closer together - a crowdsourcing language and culture exchange between migrants and locals that breaks barriers, promotes multilingualism, equality and democratizes language learning. Anyone can apply to learn or teach any language or culture including those of the country where they are residing.

The courses in SPEAK are diverse and inspiring. Throughout this learning process, participants get to know other people, learn and explore common interests, break prejudices, misunderstandings and even promote comprehension as well as cooperation. Besides courses, there are social events aimed at creating a bond between participants and where there is room for dialogue, celebration and friendship.
Migrants, such as refugees, expats, foreign participants and guest workers, face many difficulties when they arrive in a new country. Not being able to rely on a support network or simply not understanding the local language and culture creates misunderstandings and communication difficulties between migrants and locals. Due to these phenomenons xenophobia, prejudices and racism arise which creates hostile atmospheres in the societies.

SPEAK helps solving all these issues. Also, it strengthens solidarity networks in communities, particularly between migrants and locals, by promoting relationships between people of different backgrounds, thus tackling a contentious issue that has a lot of negative externalities. SPEAK also promotes the full participation of all individuals in society, making for stronger communities.
Break language barriers with an informal and innovative methodology.
Create networks between migrants/refugees and locals.
Value diversity. Break prejudices. Spread knowledge and fight ignorance.
Mission and Vision
What is our utopia for a better world?
Societies that integrate, value and promote cultural diversity. A world that recognizes that there are social problems, that are global and don't respect boundaries, and which solutions require the engagement of all humanity in its full diversity.
How do we get closer to our vision?
We help solving the problem of social exclusion of migrants and contribute to their integration in the cities they live in, with a language and culture exchange program that breaks the linguistic barrier and brings people of different origins together.
Values and Causes
Our values
  • Inspiration & Fun - we want to inspire people and want people to inspire us! We are a lot of fun, we love events, we enjoy games and having a lot of people around us!
  • Excel - we aim to be the best we can be.
  • Leadership - we are innovative and want to keep leading the way on how to solve the social integration challenge!
  • Purpose - we work for people! We believe in diversity, in the best of people and in the ability to change the world!
  • Accountability - we never forget our individual roles combined with SPEAK’s goals.
Our causes
  • Equality.
  • Freedom of speech and thought.
  • Equal rights to migrants.
  • Gender equality.
  • Equal rights to LGBT community.
  • We position ourselves on liberty. If something helps someone to be more free, we are all for it (except prison breaking).
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