Updated: September 2020
In SPEAK ci proponiamo di garantire la sicurezza e il sostegno di bambini e adulti vulnerabili all'interno della nostra comunità. Pertanto, siamo sempre alla ricerca di metodologie innovative e occasioni di miglioramento basate su esperienze che ci aiutino a raggiungere tale obiettivo.
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Report unsafe or illegal activity.
At SPEAK we believe that all human beings deserve a safe and healthy environment where to develop and we are counting on every single one of you to achieve this mission! If you witness or are a victim of any episode of psychological, physical or sexual violence, please don’t hesitate to notify us directly at or through this anonymous form.
If you believe that a user of the SPEAK platform is engaging in illegal activity, you should contact local law enforcement authorities. The use of the SPEAK platform to post any material that is unlawful is a violation of our Terms of Service. If you believe that someone is violating our Terms of Service, you should also report this activity to SPEAK directly at or through this anonymous form.
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