Language Tandem
Hey Beautiful People

This time we are making a partnership with our fellows from ESN (Erasmus Student Network) and we will have a Language Tandem.

What is it ?

Basically is a language and culture exchange and a Huge Opportunity to meet new people, practice your language skills and share your culture with others.

We will have language tables according to the languages people are interested in practicing and the availability of advanced and/or native speakers. There are usually speakers of the following languages: Portuguese, English, Italian, French, Spanish, Arabic, sometimes also Polish, Russian, Korean, German, Dutch and Chinese, among other languages.

Very important: bring some Snacks (and Drinks) to feed the unicorns...  According to recent studies, when we are learning a new language, alcohol — in moderation — helps them speak more fluently! ;)

We look forward to seeing you there!
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Lisboa | Casa do Impacto (
20-05-2019 at 19:30 to 20-05-2019 at 22:30
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