Fundraising for SPEAK
Help to put an end to the social exclusion and unemployment of refugees and migrants.
Team members: Manuel Salvaterra, Jose Silva, Tiago Almeida, Andre Santiago, Ricardo Prelhaz, Miguel Anjos, Antonio Jalles.
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Our Purpose
We are a group of 7 adventurists participating in the greatest charitable adventure of all time.
 The Mongol Rally 2018 thunders 10,000 miles across the mountains, deserts and steppes of Europe and Asia. There’s no backup, no support and no set route. Just the 7 of us, our other fellow adventurists, our 1000cc old scrappy cars (1996 Renault Clio and a 1990 Nissan Micra), and our final destination: Ulan-Ude.

After making our first €1000 charitable donation for Cool Earth, a non-profit organisation that works alongside rainforest communities to halt deforestation and climate change, we are now partnering with SPEAK to raise a total of €20,000 to help them expand to two new cities.


All across the globe there’s an increasing social exclusion of migrants and refugees, who often suffer from a deeply rooted stigma based on cultural differences and ignorance. Integration solutions are often limited in scope (e.g. language courses) or assistance-based, rather than reciprocity-based, making newcomers feel as disempowered receivers. SPEAK uses a solution that destroys cultural barriers to integration using empathy, through the organic creation of language/culture sharing local communities, in which locals and migrants/refugees support and enrich each other as equals, thus developing deep human bonds and, ultimately, creating informal support networks to help newcomers feel welcomed and valued in their new country.

In the work SPEAK has developed with refugees, we have been fortunate enough to meet people with incredible and inspiring life stories and with huge entrepreneurship potential. We want these people to be professionally empowered and to feel truly included in their new city, while contributing to the integration of other refugees and migrants.

By contributing to our fundraising, 100% of these funds will go towards SPEAK expansion in Europe. If we raise €20,000, we will support two refugees opening two new SPEAK units allowing them to create their job and help up to 900 migrants and refugees yearly.
Help us in this adventure - all donations help!
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Meet Khuloud:
Khuloud is an amazing Syrian entrepreneur who finished her Masters in Engineering in Portugal. She’s passionate about SPEAK and she wants to be the founder of a new SPEAK City. 
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