Taking SPEAK to Aveiro
Together we can bring SPEAK to a new city!
Our Purpose
SPEAK connects local people with migrants and refugees, it decreases the gap between them and promotes tolerance. SPEAK is a space where everyone can share their world and express themselves in a trusted environment.

I want people to feel at home in their new cities, as I do now. I dream about a more inclusive, tolerant world. I believe getting together, and exchanging ideas in a respectful environment is the way to achieve it.
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My name is Valeria. I was born in Mexico but life brought me to Portugal, and I love it here. I am a designer, traveler, dreamer and now a social entrepreneur. I have always been interested in other cultures, so when the opportunity arised to be an advocate for diversity, I took it. I believe since we are all humans and there is much more that unites that what sets us apart; we have more in common that what stereotypes allow us to see.
When I moved to Portugal, I thought it would be easy, but I faced some challenges. Eventually, I made friends and learn the language and now I love the country that I chose to live in and I feel at home at my new city. I want to make other people feel at home, too.
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I have experienced the feeling of not belonging and of missing home. When I arrived to Portugal, I had some difficulties and I feared I had taken a wrong decision, but little by little, I began surrounding myself with the locals and feeling their warmth welcoming hearts. I want people to know that the feeling of loneliness will go away, and that they can start a new life in their new countries. I also love sharing my culture, as it makes me feel closer to home.
Aveiro, despite being a small city, has a very interesting dynamic; due to the great flow of immigrants that come here attracted either by the University or the beautiful canals in its ria. These foreign people combined with the unique personality of the aveirenses provide the perfect setting for people to interact and create a multicultural community.
Why are we fundraising?
I started this project over a year ago and I am happy to see that many people have identified and embraced SPEAK. We have had 20 language groups for 7 different languages, organized 40 events, reaching 200 people from 35 different countries. I see people’s lives changing because of SPEAK. I would love to dedicate my time to keep this community growing and reach out to more people who can benefit from SPEAK; while making this an even more inclusive community.
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