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Our Purpose
My name is Sofia. I was born and grew up in Almada, and my parents are from Cape Verde, Santiago Island, which is an amazing place -- quite different from Portugal. When I was younger, I didn’t have the possibility to learn English in school and I also thought that the system was too formal. So when I found out about SPEAK, its relaxed methodology and the fact that anyone can help others learn their language and get to know their culture, it really ticked my heart. I’m launching this crowdfunding campaign and I have set my goal to € 1000. This amount reflects the start-up costs of launching SPEAK in Almada. I wish to organize the first language sessions in January and also kick off meetups with the community.
On Going
raised of €1.000,00 target
Meet Sofia
I’m Sofia, I was born and grew up in Almada and I am proud to live on “The right side of the river”, as the famous song says.

I always thought I would become a lawyer one day. However, I ended up graduating in Social Work and since then I have not stopped fighting for social rights. I am part of the Maense Association in Portugal and I do volunteer work as a coordinator of a literacy project to Cape Verdean women over 40 years old.

I have also a passion for traveling and knowing different cultures, trying to discover new worlds and get to know different people. I did Erasmus in Italy where I lived for 6 months and I was part of a very interesting project called Aperitivo Inglese, where the entire student community gathered around a table to share some food and get to know each other, sharing their own languages and working on interpersonal relationships.

This experience happened every Thursday and became one of our passions and I realized that sharing your culture and getting to know different people through their stories and traditions is a powerful tool for social integration.

It’s for people like Sofia that we want to make this happen!
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Almada has a huge potential and I truly believe that we are lucky and have everything to celebrate diversity and cultural richness.

I´m a part of The Ad Sumus Association is a non-profit organization with a focus on equal opportunities and the promotion of immigrants, fostering closer relations with the host society, civic participation, prevention of situations of risk of poverty and social exclusion and the improvement.

SPEAK will be the meeting place of people who believe in the beauty of diversity and of the multicultural character of Almada. SPEAK will offer more opportunities for interaction between different culture of their living conditions, this vision crosses and further reinforces the role of SPEAK as one of the social responses of the municipality of Almada and one of the alternatives of proximity to the population at risk.s, reinforcing intercultural understanding by minimizing social barriers.

SPEAK ALMADA will be the meeting place active citizenship, global education, leading to social transformation and a more inclusive community.
Why are we fundraising?
I became really excited with the idea of bringing SPEAK to Almada, a place that could use a tool like SPEAK to democratize language learning as well as to bring people together and make them proud of their heritage.

Diversity is an advantage and Almada is full of potential, which makes it a perfect city to start building SPEAK through Ad Sumus Association. As a culture and language exchange experience, SPEAK wants to connect newcomers with locals living in the same city. Bringing people together and fostering valuable relationships is what is at the core of the project. Language learning is seen as a tool, as a means rather than an end in itself, to shape a global community that is convinced of the opportunities that diversity in the city entails.

SPEAK proposes a solution that tackles both a language and a cultural barrier whereby newcomers (expats, refugees, foreign students, guest workers,...) have the space to create informal support networks with other people living in the same city that can help them feel more integrated.

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