Together we can bring SPEAK to a new city!
Our Purpose
We are Chloé and Nicolas and we are taking SPEAK to Brussels. We are both living in the city, we are both convinced of the added value that SPEAK can bring with the informal approach to integration, the value of social interactions and believing in a global community that works together to strive for the biggest social impact regarding one of the biggest ‘topics’ these days – the topic of migration. Technology is used to maximize impact, support is available both on- and offline to ensure an inclusive community.
We are launching this crowdfunding campaign and have set our goal to € 5000. This amount reflects the start-up costs of launching SPEAK in Brussels. We wish to organize the first language sessions in February and also kick off meetups with the community.
raised of €5.000,00 target
Meet Chloé and Nicolas
Chloé studied Communications in Leuven (Belgium) and Global Studies in Göteborg (Sweden). Interested in globalisation and the ways that it is affecting our world - uniting people in some ways, dividing them in others - together with a passion for travelling, learning languages and meeting new people, make launching SPEAK in Brussels an exciting next step to take. 

Nicolas studied Interior Design in Brussels but has worked since mainly in the field of real estate. As an asset manager he has been responsible to develop projects and increase the financial and human value of existing projects. He decided to follow his main interest and focus for the future more on the human capital and diversity. Having lived in and experienced a variety of countries and local cultures in Europe, and with a passion for travelling and getting to know people with a very diverse background, he is now eager to help integrate them.
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Belgium is a country of cultural and linguistic diversity. There are three official languages in Belgium - français, nederlands, Deutch and add to that the many languages that are spoken in Brussels Capital Region where roughly 30 % of the 1.1 million people is foreign.
Diversity is an advantage. Brussels is full of potential. Brussels is the ideal city to start building SPEAK. As a culture and language exchange experience, SPEAK wants to connect newcomers with locals living in the same city. Bringing people together and fostering valuable relationships is what is at the core of the project. Language learning is seen as a tool, as a means rather than an end in itself, to shape a global community that is convinced of the opportunities that diversity in the city entails.

SPEAK proposes a solution that tackles both a language and a cultural barrier whereby newcomers (expats, refugees, foreign students, guest workers,...) have the space to create informal support networks with other people living in the same city that can help them feel more integrated.
Why are we fundraising?
In May 2017, Chloé met Hugo from SPEAK. He was presenting the organisation and explaining its impact on a panel during a conference named 'Culture Matters: Connecting Citizens and Uniting Communities'. After the panel they met and she asked where she could find SPEAK in Brussels. "What? How come SPEAK is not in Brussels yet?" was sort of her reply... Diversity is a reality in Brussels and the moment she learned about this organisation she started believing in the potential of the project and the impact it can have in Brussels.

Along the way she met Nicolas who was ready for a new chapter. He was excited to join SPEAK, leaving his corporate job behind, and to embark on this adventure. Together they are aligned on the fact that Brussels is an unfinished, a very dynamic and multicultural city facing many challenges, but where SPEAK can encourage a pleasant social environment that has a positive impact on the well being of people living there.
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